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The Hamilton Grange School is a public middle school founded on the principle that hard work breeds talent, intelligence and success. Through a curriculum devoted to challenging readings, thoughtful debate, argumentative writing, problem solving, and character education, we prepare our students to consistently strive to reach further and embrace rigor and hard work to better themselves and their communities. 


We believe that kids learn best when they are "doing:" experimenting, applying their knowledge and skills to attack a new challenge, and creating new understandings. It is this belief, and the recognition that college and career readiness is achieved through the ability to read, write and speak effectively, that makes authentic literacy the essential element of every one of our lessons. 


And because middle school is the most formative time of our children's lives, the Hamilton Grange community supports our students, families and staff members in recognizing that mistakes are inevitable, and essential to our learning and progress. This understanding extends not only to academics, but to behavior as well. For this reason, students are encouraged to retake exams and rewrite essays to better illustrate their mastery of both content and skills. We also employ a peer mediation and restorative justice program to support our students in learning from the social emotional challenges they encounter, rather than merely punishing them.


Should you have any questions about our school, or would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to speak with us using the information on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page. 


In Unity,


Benjamin Lev


Benjamin Lev

Founding Principal


Hard Work Breeds Talent
No one is born talented; we create talent through deep practice and perserverance through challenges.
We Learn From Our Mistakes, We Don't Lean On Our Success
Apply what your mistakes have taught you to be more successful on your next approach until you meet your goal.  

Take Charge Of Your Own Learning
We learn best when creating our own understandings.
The End Of One Goal Is The Beginning Of Another
Attaining one goal means embarking on a journey towards your next goal.
A Life Isn't Significant Except For Its Impact On Other Lives
Do something everyday for someone who will never be able to repay you.


Self-Control, Tenacity, Compassion, Unity, Justice, Service, Patience, Humility


These habits are important to us because we know academic behaviors like self-control and tenacity are much better indicators of success in school and in career than a score on a high stakes exam. The practice of Compassion, Unity, Justice and Service helps us all be better citizens of our community and makes it easier for all of us to perform at our highest potential. 


Each week, our students receive a progress report that illustrates their use of self-control and their practice of tenacity and compassion. This information is accessed by students and parents through their Class Dojo accounts and helps us identify students for extracurricular trips. 

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