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Moises Puentes


Where did you grow up and what was your first language?

I grew up in the north of Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas and Spanish was my first language.

What from your hometown do you wish you could find in New York City?

The food! I recently moved to NYC so I'm trying to find all the good Mexican food spots.

Where did you go to college?

I attended Boston University for philosophy and psychology and I am attending Columbia University right now.

What was your favorite book in middle school?

Anything with Greek mythology stories.


What is the best part of teaching at Hamilton Grange?

Getting to know all the incredible students and teachers.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not teaching?

I love training for marathons, bouldering, and visiting museums.

What is your favorite quote?

"No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life. There may be countless trails and bridges and demigods who would gladly carry you across; but only at the price of pawning and forgoing yourself. There is one path in the world that none can walk but you." -Friedrich Nietzsche

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