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Sports parallel life, and that is why we believe deeply in the importance of athletics at Hamilton Grange.

Winning is nice and provides a good feeling, but that feeling passes quickly, and what lasts are the lessons the game and the preparation for it have taught us. 

While a game is played out in just a single afternoon, in that game we experience happiness, misery, joy and heartbreak - there's no telling what will turn up - you might be a hero, you might not. What better way to prepare for dealing with those emotions in life than on a playing field with our friends and coaches who will ensure that no matter, we are supported. 

Here are some things are student-athletes are taught:

  • Life is just like the game above - a serious game in which you do your best, no matter the obstacles you face. 

  • Winning is not the point, wanting to win is the point.

  • Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point. Never letting up is the point.

  • Never letting anyone down is the point.

Play to win, sure. But lose like a champion. Because it is not winning that counts, what counts is trying. 

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High School Musical

In June 2018, our students performed their first ever musical, the Broadway Jr. edition of High School Musical. 

We were amazed by our students abilities as actors, singers, set and lighting designers and look forward to this year's production - what will it be?

The Hamilton Grange Student Journalists Present:

As part of our school day club offerings, this year our student journalists are working hard to cover what's happening in the world and at HGMS. Click the banner to see the latest issue!

Visual Arts


Our students have created a 200 foot mural in our hallways, designed and painted the entryway to our floor in the building, and been recognized for their artwork in citywide competitions. Since our founding 5+ years ago, our students have painted 11 murals in and on our building!

Our teaching artists facilitated the creation of a mural we helped commission on the side of our gymnasium to brighten our community and put our youth to work through the Summer Youth Employment Program. Check out our efforts in the two videos below:

Other After School Clubs and Opportunities


We have several other ways that students can get involved after school between the hours of 3:00 and 5:30 p.m. 


Pick up an application at school to take advantage of all athletics and clubs mentioned on this page.

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