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The Hamilton Grange School is a public middle school founded on the principle that hard work breeds talent, intelligence and success. Through a curriculum devoted to challenging readings, thoughtful debate, argumentative writing, problem solving, and character education, we prepare our students to consistently strive to reach further and embrace rigor and hard work to better themselves and their communities. 

We believe that kids learn best when they are "doing:" experimenting, applying their knowledge and skills to attack a new challenge, and creating new understandings. It is this belief, and the recognition that college and career readiness is achieved through the ability to read, write and speak effectively, that makes authentic literacy the essential element of every one of our lessons. 


And because middle school is the most formative time of our children's lives, the Hamilton Grange community supports our students, families and staff members in recognizing that mistakes are inevitable, and essential to our learning and progress. This understanding extends not only to academics, but to behavior as well. For this reason, students are encouraged to retake exams and rewrite essays to better illustrate their mastery of both content and skills. We also employ a peer mediation and restorative justice program to support our students in learning from the social emotional challenges they encounter, rather than merely punishing them.

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