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Sports parallel life, and that is why we believe deeply in the importance of athletics at Hamilton Grange.

Winning is nice and provides a good feeling, but that feeling passes quickly, and what lasts are the lessons the game and the preparation for it have taught us. 

While a game is played out in just a single afternoon, in that game we experience happiness, misery, joy and heartbreak - there's no telling what will turn up - you might be a hero, you might not. What better way to prepare for dealing with those emotions in life than on a playing field with our friends and coaches who will ensure that no matter what, we are supported. 

Here are some things student-athletes are taught:

  • Life is just like the game above - a serious game in which you do your best, no matter the obstacles you face. 

  • Winning is not the point, wanting to win is the point.

  • Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point. Never letting up is the point.

  • Never letting anyone down is the point.

Play to win, sure. But lose like a champion. Because it is not winning that counts, what counts is trying. 

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